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Serafino De Tivoli

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Serafino De Tivoli

( Livorno 1826 - Firenze 1892 )


    Serafino De Tivoli

    Pupil of Markò in Florence. He went to Paris, he returned after some time with the new standards; art of Courbet and Manet. He dealt with skill and feeling of landscape and figure paintings, neglecting at times, the design for the search for greater strength and harmony of color. Emilio Cecchi thus wrote of him: “Sometimes it approaches the twilight tones of Corot and Daubigny, and even more free in his research was never violent in relationships, in fact quite weak.” He was one of the most active group of macchiaiuoli Tuscany, from whom he called “the father of the stain.”

    He lived much abroad in London and Paris, and, though an artist of merit, had little luck. In 1900 he returned to Florence where he lived in poverty, forgotten, the short remainder of his life. His works: “The view of the Villa Salviati,” “Pasture”, preserved in the Museum of Turin, “Portrait of Garibaldi,” owned by Mr. Pierce in London; “The Seine at Saint Denis” exhibited in Paris in 1878; “the ancient caught in Bougival “exposed in Turin in 1880,” View of the surroundings of Paris, “” Croissy “the banks of a river in Marly le Roy,” “View at the monastery dell’AIvernia” “the Seine at Marly “, exhibited in Milan in 1881,” a horoscope in the sixteenth century, “” calf black and white calf, “in the collection Carniello,” Country “, in the collection Dello Strologo;” The return from the hunt “in the collection of the Commendatore Church of Varese , “Pastors and cows in Maremma”, “lunar Sunrise,” “Rain imminent”, “Roman Campagna,” “Siesta in the study,” all in the collection Checcucci in Florence “letter to Mom” in the Gallery of Modern Art Milan; “Washerwomen of the Seine”, exhibited and awarded at the Paris Salon in 1880. in 1848 and 1849 he fought with Garibaldi, and Rome was taken prisoner.


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