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Raffaele Casnedi

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Raffaele Casnedi

( Ruino 1822 - Milano 1892 )


    Raffaele Casnedi

    Destined by his father to the profession of the Proprietor , was able to join the Academy of Milan , where he remained , it can be said for life : how schoolboy from 1840 to 1850 and as a teacher from 1860 onwards. He studied and worked during the time in which he manifested , through the work of the ” macchiaiuoli ,” that renewal in painting that led to the fall of the neoclassical school and romantic.

    The Casnedi did not follow this movement. It was a great painter , but he remained academic even though he lived with fellow artists such as Palisades , Signorini , Fontanesi and Cremona and they saw the works . He devoted himself to the little easel painting , preferring the fresco and choosing subjects in the field of religion, which was still alive in his heart.

    So this religious feeling in his frescoes , which drove the hand , resulted in as much spontaneity and depth of inspiration, in naturalness and charm of attitudes, in harmony and historical truth , qualities that are enough to make him forgive a lesser prowess color.

    Among his best works include: living room decoration real demolished Central Station , the bezel of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele , the curtain of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan , “The blessing of the children ,” and ” Moses comes down from Sinai,” ” the Valmadrera ” all the frescoes of the church of Besana ,” The prisoner of Chillon ” , which exhibited in 1885 at the Exhibition of Fine Arts of Brera , obtained by the critics then a big round of applause . His other frescoes in the Church of Rho , San Pietro in Novara , of San Biagio in Palombara ; ” The Lombard peasant who are washing the lake ” and “Women in the Roman countryside ,” which were exhibited at the Exhibition of Florence , 1861 . Other genre paintings : ” Two Women ,” ” The grocer ,” ” The water-seller ,” ” Visit to the nurse ,” ” The widow’s mite .” Oil paintings and watercolors by him are scattered a bit ‘ all over Italy and abroad, kept in private collections and in some galleries . He participated in very few shows why health education does not give the time left .


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