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Pietro Fragiacomo

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Pietro Fragiacomo

( Trieste 1856 - Venezia 1922 )


    Pietro Fragiacomo

    Of humble origins , his father was a chef , after having worked as a carpenter and blacksmith turner , twenty years old, was unemployed , he entered the Academy of Venice. It soon became a great friend of Giacomo Favretto and Ettore Tito , but from the spiritual community and work with them his art was not affected by any influence.

    He exhibited for the first time in Turin in 1880, a genre painting , ” A curious accident” . Since then led to the judgment of the public : in 1882 , in Milan , a ” Navy ” in 1883 , in Rome , ” The nuts”, in Milan today in the collection of the Comm. Renato Angelic , in 1887, the Venice Biennale , “Silence ,” “The Lagoon ” ; “Evening ” and ” Fishermen houses ” , which strongly attracted the attention of connoisseurs. In fact, in 1891 he had a first recognition with the award of the Prince Umberto for the picture ” Peace” , which was purchased by King Umberto , another picture ” winter ” , was purchased for the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome.

    Then, at the Venice Biennale in 1895 he exhibited “Greetings ” and ” Sadness ” , which currently is found in the Berlin Museum , to that of 1907, ” Calm Twilight ” and ” The Wind ” , stored in the Gallery of Modern Art in Venice , where well is located Piazza San Marco exhibited at the Biennale in the year 1899. In 1901 the indefatigable painter exhibited ” the sea ” ; “Torrente ” and ” The Swallows ” in 1910 ” The bell of the evening ” , now in the Museum Revoltella Trieste and ” Scirocco ” , owned by Baron sen. De Treves ‘ Bonfili , and in 1914 he won the competition Ussi . During the war, for a mortuary chapel on Palgrande in Carnia , he painted a ” Madonna of the Snow ” and though his sixties, he was about to carry on that mountain tormented.

    In 1924 , two years after the artist’s death, was ordered in Venice an exhibition of his works, and were so well together 100 paintings, which showed modest activities of the beautiful Trieste painter , who, sincere and honest in life as in ‘ art, never moved away from his beloved landscapes, portrayed with love poet , making a profound and exquisite silence , solitude , and peace. Besides the work already mentioned , you remind him : ” Afa ” real property , ” The harmonies of silence” , purchased by the Municipality of Florence ” Santa Maria Canal ,” “The vaporetto station ,” ” On the pier ” , “San Marco” ; ” Valle di Cadore ,” ” Canale della Giudecca ” , ” boat ” , ” Channel in Chioggia ,” ” Rest,” in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome ; “Laguna” ( comp ), in the of Milan, ” in The Lagoon ” , in the collection of the Commander Lorenzo Delleani of Carignano , ” the channel of Santa Maria ” , in that the engineer . E. Northmen of Turin.


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