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Cremona Tranquillo

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Cremona Tranquillo

( Pavia 1837 - Milano 1878 )


    Cremona Tranquillo

    He attended the Civic School of Painting of his city , a disciple of James Trecourt , until 1852 , when , orphaned, he was summoned to Venice by his stepbrother , the lawyer Giuseppe. In the city of the lagoon continued his study with love and diligence, copying the great Venetian masters of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

    These studies made at Cremona exclusively a painter of the figure, in which predominates the impression dell’assorbita vision, even spiritual , by Titian . Fixed in Piedmont to escape conscription Austrian , was then in Milan , freed from the invader , and continued to study at the Academy of Brera with Bertini.

    Since then, he began his strange life and rebellious his research , his real business. First works : ” Lovers at the tomb of Romeo and Juliet ,” ” The Falconer ” and also the “Marco Polo in front of the Great Khan of the Tartars ” , do not have a personality outlined , though the last is a work of great value, rich of technical sophistication with games of shadows and colors and exquisitely felt valiantly applied.

    She followed : ” Idyllic Pompeian “, ” Betrayed ” , “At the New Year’s party ,” “The Bride ,” ” The Son of Love ,” ” Motherly love and kiss “, exhibited in Milan in 1873 and in the same year in Turin and Vienna, where it has not turned out to be the innovator and even personal artist. In 1874 , now master of the watercolor technique , he managed to find the final impression of his art , which made him a unique leader school , the first and only artist of his time.

    From this time begins the real production ” cremoniana ,” the typical technique , which gives the picture the freshness of a delicious sketch , for which aroused fierce battle among his fiercest detractors and his enthusiastic admirers . Except that the landscape , treated all subjects, with the same feeling and expertise. His portraits of women are an absolute grace.

    He lived poor and free , working restless and nervous , and died poisoned by the color when you could live comfortably , heir to the considerable substance on him by his half-brother of Venice. At the Venice International was ordered in 1912 a retrospective exhibition in which they were gathered seventy paintings riassunsero and illustrated the power and the feeling of the great artistic disappeared.

    Major works, some housed in private collections : “Melody ” ; ” Page boudeur ” ; “Prime jealousies ,” ” Visit to the convent ,” ” Thoughtful ,” ” The Mask ,” ” Listening ,” ” poor but proud ” ; ” Visit to the College , “” Woman washing ” , ” Naughty , “” Curious , “” Reader , “” The bride ” , ” Little girl in shirt ” , ” smile ” , ” Faust and Helen , “” toilet ” and portraits of the “Lady Torelli ” of the “Lady Bellini ” s ‘ ” actress Emma Ivon ” and that of ” Victor Grubicy .”

    In the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan are preserved eighteen works , including (besides the aforementioned ” Lovers at the tomb of Romeo and Juliet ,” ” Motherly love ,” ” The Falconer ” ) are recalled : ” Attraction” ; ” Highlife “” Portrait of Madame Deschamps ” and ” Portrait of Louis Luvoni . ” That of Rome , as well as the aforementioned “Marco Polo before the Great Canon of the Tartars ” and ” Cousins” , has: ” Silence of love ,” ” On the Terrace ” and ” Maiden’s sick .”

    In the Civic Museum of Turin is the most beautiful edition of ” The Ivy ” and ” Portrait of Benedetto Junck .” She also did a half-dozen branches etching for all of portraits. Best among them was considered to ” Alessandro Manzoni ” .


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