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Lessi Tito

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Lessi Tito

( Firenze 1858 - 1977 )


    Lessi Tito

    He completed his education at the Academy of Florence following the course of E. Pollastrini and A. Ciseri . Finished courses , he attended the private studio of Ciseri , purchasing you with the application tenacious and severe extensive artistic culture and excellent technique . It was first known for his watercolors as ” The anteroom of the Pope” , in which he reached excellence.

    In 1880 , invitatovi from Sedelmayer known art dealer settled in Paris where he began his rapid rise . In this period up to 1896 , he made his major works : “The visit of Milton to Galileo “, exhibited in 1893 at the Salon of the Elysian Fields was awarded the great gold medal and considered his masterpiece , ” L ‘ entry of the Dolphin , “” the Testament . ” ” I bibliophiles ” and other important works , then all awarded in Monaco and Leipzig. Returning to Florence , he lived retired life of continuous work.

    His paintings just finished migrated to Paris , other paintings of minor importance figured in some of the annual exhibitions of Florence. Are of this second period: ” The output of the Cardinal ,” ” Paolo Toscanelli and the ambassadors of Portugal ” “The test of the Mass in the Vatican ,” “The forge delI’armaiolo ” ; ” Girolamo Savonarola and the delegates of Lorenzo de ‘ doctors ” ; ” Bernardo Vernini , and the son ” ; ” Brother in the choir ” , in the collection of the Comm. Henry T. Students ; ” gamblers of billiards ” , in that of Mr. Ivo Monti in Milan.

    In the last period of his activity he left the palette to devote himself to this work , which was huge , and will remain , the illustration of the Decameron, promoted and published dall’Alinari.

    Hundred plates are admirable for the skilful composition , for the impeccable design , real paintings , the artist executed them in six years of tireless work . The one I read was in love with the form . He studied her , cared for , the perfected . Prospective valiant deep knowledge of all the secrets of the technique , his brush knew the nuances and delicate softness.

    Although he lived in an era of artistic revolutions , remained independent, not follow the fashion and the different tastes of the public. His probity , his confidence his lack of interest prevented him from enjoying the popularity it deserved


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