VITTORE GRUBICY. An intellectual-artist and his legacy. International openings between Divisionism and Symbolism

    April 8 – July 10 2022

    Date: 9 May 2022

    Event: VITTORE GRUBICY. An intellectual-artist and his legacy. International openings between Divisionism and Symbolism

    Vittore Grubicy De Dragon, at the Museum of the City of Livorno from April 8 to July 10, really offers what it promises in the title, that is, to observe how and how much this new figure of Intellectual was at the time a singular artist as well as gallery owner and discoverer of talent, and how he affected the international art scene between divisionism and symbolism.
    This rich exhibition, the result of a project by Sergio Rebora and Aurora Scotti Tosini, promoted by Fondazione Livorno and organised by Fondazione Livorno – Arte e Cultura together with the Municipality of Livorno, follows several parallel narrative threads: the man, first and foremost, his passions, his life choices, the Italian and international circles he frequented – never passively – and the art of his time, which he knew how to anticipate, guide, promote and then interpret himself.
    And with art, the new that was coming, of which he seized the opportunities, first and foremost those offered by the progress of reproduction techniques, perfect for creating a new market or flooding it. All of this in years that saw the transition from Scapigliatura to Divisionism and on to the beginnings of Futurism. As the exhibition in Livorno punctually and richly documents.

    “The presence of a conspicuous nucleus of the artist’s works in the Livorno Foundation’s collections and the public availability of his rich and precious archive at the Mart in Rovereto have offered countless new points of study and are also the basis of the exhibition, The exhibition aims to present the artist in his public capacity as an intellectual, artist and promoter, but also in his private and more hidden dimension as a man of his time, with his weaknesses, idiosyncrasies, generosity and sentimental outbursts”, underline curators Sergio Rebora and Aurora Scotti Tosini.

    One of the works on display in the exhibition in Livorno is Fiumelatte of 1889, an oil on canvas loaned by the Berardi Gallery. 



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