Synaesthesia and return to order

    from Il Giornale dell’Arte – October 2019

    Date: 11/10/2019

    Event: The Journal of Exhibitions – Synaesthesia and return to order

    In the Roman School, Ferruccio Ferrazzi was one of the cornerstones on which the generations that emerged from the nineteen years rested, starting with Corrado Cagli, with whom he shared an early passion for mural art, as evidenced by the correspondence and other documents preserved in the Archive of the painter.

    Ferrazzi did not hesitate to grant friendship and support to the new recruits, thanks to the offices, relations and commissions that involved him at the national level, while always maintaining a balanced relationship of intellectual autonomy with the Regime.

    Animated by a complex, speculative, experimental nature, the artist is part of the best generation of the “return to order”. From 10 October to 23 November Gianluca Berardi dedicates, with the care of Alessandra Imbellone, an exhibition that traces the salient phases of Ferrazzi’s long creative season …

    Francesca Romana Morelli


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