Il Giornale dell’Arte – Vagnetti between ‘800 and’ 900

    March 2016 – n. 362

    Date: 10/03/2016

    Event: The Giornale dell’Arte – Vagnetti between ‘800 and’ 900

    More than ten years later, a monographic exhibition on Fausto Vagnetti (1876 – 1954) returns to Rome and Anghiari. After the presentation at the Berardi Gallery in Rome, the works will be exhibited in Anghiari, at the Museo della Battaglia and in Anghiari, essentially retracing back what had been the path of a life of the Tuscan master.

    In fact, Vagnetti will never cut the umbilical cord with his hometown and will continue to be inspired both by Rome, where he drew on the cultural experiences of the Secession that were decisive for his style, and by Anghiari, the ideal place to find inspiration for his art. The presentation of this important corpus of works finally wants to give back to Vagnetti the role of avant-garde painter, almost forgotten for some time, in the Roman secessionist climate, alongside better known masters such as Camillo Innocenti, Arturo Noci and Enrico Lionne.


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