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Avanzi Vittorio

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Avanzi Vittorio

( Verona 1850 – Campofontana 1913 )


    Avanzi Vittorio

    Vittorio Avanzi was born in Verona in 1850. He studied at the Accademia Cignaroli in Verona and made his debut at the 1868 Promotrice in Turin with an Interior of a room on the ground. This first interior painting did not reflect his later vocation, that of landscape painter, which soon made its way to him. A few years later, in fact, he presented La valle oscura presso Vestena sul Veronese in Turin shortly before moving from the Veneto to complete his training abroad.

    In 1872, he went to Germany to perfect his skills at the Academy of Munich, where his direction towards landscape painting became clear. The nature of Bavaria struck him during his years of study, but very often throughout his career, Bavarian motifs would return to his canvases.

    A landscape painting with evocative and lyrical notes

    Back in Italy, he exhibited mainly in Genoa and Turin, but also took part in the Venice Biennials of 1895, 1897 and 1899. He also exhibited frequently in Florence and Rome, gaining praise for his vast production. Until 1913, the year of his death, he took part in exhibitions with great regularity.

    In his last years, he took refuge in Campofontana, a locality near Verona that allowed him to live in peace while continuing to dedicate himself to painting and to enjoy the landscape that surrounded him, which was often reproduced in his paintings, especially in those of his last phase.

    Sentimental and lyrical notes pervade Vittorio Avanzi’s mountain views and seascapes, both those dedicated to the German landscape, such as In the vicinity of Isaar (Baviera), and those relating to Italy, such as Torre del Greco, Marina di Capri (1881) or Malcetine near Lake Garda (1883). In 1884 in Turin he presented the group of landscapes composed of Sollione, In ottobre, Viaggio melanconico and Lung’Adige in Verona.

    In 1887 in Venice he exhibited Dusk, October, April, On the shore and Giudecca. A vivid attention to variations in light and atmosphere characterised Avanzi’s intense and melancholic realism. The landscapes he presented in Genoa in 1892 are evidence of this.

    In 1895 he took part in the Venice Biennale with Strada di villaggio and In alto and in the 1897 Biennale with On the Alpi. In 1913, he took part in his last Genoese Promotrice before his death with Autumn pastures and First flowers.

    Other works by Avanzi include Sad Day, Canal Grande in Chioggia, Bellaggio on Lake Como, Lake in the Bavarian Mountains, Pescarenico and Sunset in Chioggi).

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