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Ripari Virgilio

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Ripari Virgilio

( Asola 1843 - Milano 1902 )


    Ripari Virgilio

    Lombard painter , born in the province of Mantua in 1884 , residing in Milan, was from the town of Asola , retired to attend his studies at the Accademia di Brera , where he was one of the scholars and was awarded several medals of honor.

    He was a volunteer in the war of 1866 and fought in the Tyrol, and then returned to the favorite studies were presented at the exhibition for the first time with ” Two portraits of the truth,” and then with a large painting , “The Pompeian bath ” for remarkable touch and delicacy of coloring.

    He made so many oil paintings and watercolors for the Queen of England , then many paintings exhibited in any exhibition held later in Italy . In Milan , in the exposition of 1872 , presented the following pictures : ” Walk in the Garden “, ” roses “, ” Portrait ” , which They received praise from visitors. In the Exposition of 1883 in Milan later , he shows other valuable paintings , “Good morning ,” ” The flowers for the sacred ,” ” First Snow ,” ” For the feast day of the mistress .” Exposition in Turin in 1884 he admired another pretty picture , “Sin and prayer.” The shelters also sent to the display of Milan kept the paintings in 1886 : “Study ,” ” Fruit Vendors “, ” modern painters “, ” Theft innocent.” Even in the exposition of 1887 in Venice , had admirers for his two paintings : “Before the school ” and ” Flowers for everyone.” About the paintings exhibited all’Esposizioni of Fine Arts in Milan, ” From the valleys to the mountain ,” ” At the front “, ” Amenities ” , “Portrait of a little girl .” The Columbus puts it this way : ” In the face of these paintings will gladly stop visitors to the exhibition, attracted by the variety of subjects, which distinctly characterize the work of the shelters.

    The best of the paintings, in our opinion, is the portrait of a child, excellent likeness , live , rendered with broad strokes and safe, with a great softness of tints. In the other paintings reveals the manner of shelters , which, under a certain aspect , proceeds from Cremona , has common qualities with Moses White Monza , has wit and culture of a skilled artist.

    His paintings , such as those that belong to the young school , you can not describe nor explain. The word refuses to repeat the sentiments that inspired the artist . We do not have the dough unattainable in these paintings of Cremona , the nuances , the rainbow of colors , but the palette has a more limited and uniform homogeneity commendable , and the brush away not never transcends those excesses , for whom many executives have turned scrawls in indecent . ” (Source A. De Gubernatis 1889).


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