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Marinelli Vincenzo

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Marinelli Vincenzo

( San Martino d'Agri 1819 - Napoli 1892 )


    Marinelli Vincenzo

    From 1842 to 1848 he was in Rome to study. He returned to Naples after the reaction, before he emigrated to Greece , where he worked for the King Otto of Bavaria, reigning there , and visit the islands went to Egypt , where he performed works pel Viceroy Said Pasha , accompanying him on a journey that did well in the Sudan and lasted nine months. Repatriated in 1859 remained in Naples until 1869 and invited to the inauguration of the Suez Canal in Egypt and returned remounted the Nile to the first cataract.

    After settling in Italy then won the contest , and by Royal Decree 3 October 1875 he was appointed professor of drawing and figure in R. Institute of Fine Arts in Naples , and R. Decree of 29 May 1881 occupied the chair of painting of that Institute , left vacant by Morelli.

    Also taught from 1866 to 1887 in R. Girls’ school Queen Maria Pia . Many works performed by Marinelli , among which we mention those carried out for the court of Greece that decorate the Ballroom , ie the ” Parnassus ” and the ” Great Poets of Antiquity ” in seventeen paintings to natural two large canvases d ‘ altar ” the Assumption of the Virgin ” and the “Baptism of Christ in the Jordan ” for the Catholic Church Rettimo , a painting commemorating the trip to Sudan , ie the ” Viceroy Said Pasha ordering the caravan to stop ” ; several studies costumes and districts covered in this trip , the ” Dance of the bee and Baiadere ” exhibited in the year 1862 the first International Exhibition in London and bought by Prince Umberto , “Cleopatra with his handmaidens in the act of receiving Antonio ” commissioned by King Victor Emanuele and that is with the ” Bee Dance ” , the Pinacoteca di Capodimonte , and to ” Caesar Morman that speaks to the people rebelled against the decrees of the Inquisition ,” property of the Municipality of Naples, which is located in the Art Gallery of St. James ; ” Ferrante Carafa who freed Masaniello Sorrentino draws him on his horse to calm the people,” which was awarded a gold Medal at the Great Exhibition of Parma and Mille Lire by the Ministry of Education. For this work the Marinelli was awarded the Crown of Italy with its motu of the King and the work purchased by King Umberto is found placed in the Gallery of Turin.

    His other works are: ” An episode of the Song of Songs ” at present in London , “The Return of the carpet from Mecca ” and ” Kamsin ” Gladstone at home to Liverpool , ” Henry IV at Canossa ” framework to two-thirds of the true , well in London .


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