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Teodoro Wolf Ferrari

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Teodoro Wolf Ferrari

( Venezia 1878 - San Zenone degli Ezzelini 1945 )


    Teodoro Wolf Ferrari

    Son of Augustus Wolf, distinguished German painter, studied at the Academy of Venice, Guglielmo Ciardi, Peter Fragiacomo Millo Shabbir: then went to Monaco, Germany and Holland.

    He started his career in Oldenburg, with the painting “Diogenes” and then participated in all exhibitions in Milan at that time exposures of Turin, the Secession of Rome, Roman and International of Monaco of Bavaria, to many artistic events held in Germany and Stockholm.

    At the Venice Biennale has figured since 1912. In that year there has exposed “Spring” in 1914 with Vittorio Zecchin, the stained glass windows, in 1920, a “Still Life” in 1922, “The Grappa” in 1924: “The Grappa and Boccaor”; “towards the Grappa “and” Towards the Montello and Asolo “in 1926:” Giama Zanzur (Libya), “” Ursus “and” the dunes of Megenin waiting ghibli “in 1928,” the Pasubio “;” in the Lagoon in Venice “and” Il Piave Onigo “in 1930:” Clouds on the Grappa “;” Towards the Pasubio, “” the Piave from Onigo “” Il Piave in Nervesa “” a Threat “and” Campaign sun “, in 1932” Lights and shadows on the Grappa and Boccaor “,” stormy sky in San Zeno del Grappa, “” The Altarpiece of San Martino di Castrozza, “” Da Col towards Val di Roda “and” the Cimon in San Martino di Castrozza “to that of ’34:” the Grappa “;” Towards Montello and Asolo, “” from Roccolo Martini. “To that of ’36: “The Piave from Pederobba” to that of 1938: “The Piave At Nervosa.” At the National Exhibition held in the Palazzo Pitti in 1927 introduced “The Piave towards Quero.”


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