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Roberto Borsa

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Roberto Borsa

( Milano 1880 - 1965 )


    Roberto Borsa

    Roberto Borsa was born in Milan in 1880. He trained at the Academy of Brera where he was a pupil of Giuseppe Mentessi and Cesare Tallone. Almost immediately identifies as his favorite genre the landscape, treated with clear impressionist notations, through a soft brushstroke and a sincerely Lombard vein.

    He made his debut at the exhibition in Milan for the Sempione Tunnel in 1906 with Return from the market and, during the early twentieth century, he was present above all at the artistic events of his city, such as the Permanente. Protagonist of a painting from the pictorial notations of lyrical character, in which the light is treated with poetic delicacy and color with small touches close and vibrant, in 1912 he was appointed Honorary Member of the Academy of Brera.

    The Lombard landscape: the impressionist and lyrical tendency

    A heartfelt realism is used by Roberto Borsa to enclose in his landscapes moments of his city in a chronicle of Milan, in which the light is often the protagonist, along with the soft atmospheric variations. Alongside his Milan, the painter makes Cuggiono, a small village in the Ticino valley, the protagonist, which represents a refuge and a refreshment and which often appears in his works, together with Lake Lugano.

    In the landscape of Lake Lugano seen from Lanzo, dating back to 1918, the best period of his production, the Milanese artist adopts clear references to Divisionist research, which can be seen in the complementary joints of color, which builds the mountains surrounding the calm and bright lake in a silent winter afternoon.

    A spontaneous and fast colorism characterizes his works from the strong lyrical vein, as seen in the Moonlight in mute of the Florence Exhibition of 1908 and in the Morning and Evening Peace, dating back to the thirties. Particularly significant are the serene views dedicated to Cuggiono, such as Old Church from Piazza San Giorgio, The bridge of Castelletto of Cuggiono, The mill and Old oven. Some of the author’s works are kept in the Quadreria dell’Ospedale Maggiore, in the Municipality of Cuggiono and in the Modern Art Gallery of Monza.

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