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Raimondo Scoppa

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Raimondo Scoppa

( Napoli 1820 -1890 )


    Raimondo Scoppa

    Raimondo Scoppa was formed at the Royal Institute of Fine Arts in Naples as a student of Gabriel Smargiassi, from whom he inherited the practice of painting from life married to classical setting of the landscape. These features are common to all members of the School of Posillipo, the team of Italian and foreign masters who helped to overcome the academic conventions in landscape painting precisely thanks to the continuous comparison with the “real”. Scoppa was present on a regular basis to major exhibitions Neapolitan landscape with a production dedicated to the outskirts of Naples.

    At the Biennale Bourbon began in 1841 with View of Naples pier and sunset landscape with sun, and later also obtained official recognition: a small gold medal in 1855 for the scenery composed the prayer to the garden, and a ‘ other conquered it in 1859 for Bice led to the castle of Rosate (purchased from the Royal House and now under delivery at the Press Club of Naples). In 1854 Ferdinand II commissioned the cliff of Capo D’Urso in the province of Salerno, now preserved in the Royal Palace of Naples.

    After the Unification Scoppa exhibited at the Promoter of Naples and Genoa, and also participated in the National Exhibitions in Florence (1861, Countryside near Montesarchio) and Naples (1877, Plain of Castellammare). The two paintings depicting the Mills Valley in Amalfi can be dated by stylistic to the second half of the century, since the drafting synthetic short strokes found in the search for the true experience in Italy after the experience of the “spot”.

    The subject, already addressed by leading painters posillipisti by Theodore Duclere to Gonsalvo Carelli, portrays one of the most beautiful places in the hinterland of Amalfi: The end of the stream Canneto, before it reaches the center of Amalfi, where the landscape is characterized by deck-houses and mills now already fallen into disuse.

    To set the painting recalls the masterpiece signed by Karl Blechen, now preserved at the Museum for Bildende Künste in Leipzig. Hypothetically speaking, you can identify the paintings with the Valley of the Mills, Amalfi – in the catalog but it is not specified whether this is a pendant – Posted by Raymond Scoppa at the Promoter in Genoa in 1880.


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