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Raffaello Sorbi

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Raffaello Sorbi

( Firenze 1844 - 1931 )


    Raffaello Sorbi

    He started his career very early with a historical framework , ” Corso Donati fatally injured is transported by the monks of San Salvi in that abbey ” , a work that was awarded in the three-year competition in 1861 and currently is found in the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence.

    Two years later, he won the retiree and concurred in Rome with ” Fra ‘ Girolamo Savonarola in the courtyard of the convent of San Marco explains the Bible to some of his friends” , but gave up the prize and the village, and remained in his Florence, from which the rest did not move a few times during his long and active life.

    And Florentines are many historical paintings executed by him , such as: ” The Abduction of Piccarda Donati ” , commissioned by King Vittorio Emanuele II; ” The relay team of Peter Leopold I “, performed on behalf of Vittorio Emanuele III; ” Leopold I in the surroundings of Florence followed by his guard of honor , “now in the Gallery of Modern Art in Florence and other custom , such as: ” The races in the Arno ” ,” The circle , “” The Decameron , “” The concert in Florence ” ; ” the maggiolate ” ” the game of bowls” , “The card game ” , “The game of football ,” ” the game of tumbles ,” ” the game of morra ,” “The recovery of Dante.” In all , are remarkable respect for history and meticulous reconstruction of the environment.

    In 1869 the artist had the honor of a visit of John Dupré , who commissioned him to paint ” Phidias sculpted the statue of Minerva .” Much of the work performed on behalf of the Sorbs known Parisian art dealer Goupil . They cite yet his paintings : ” I work in the fields “, belonging to the Province of Florence ; ” Idyllic Roman ” , exhibited in 1903 in Florence , ” The Hunter ” “Part of the Forest ,” ” On Moscia ” and “L ‘ plowman , ” presented at the 1927 National Exhibition eightieth in the Pitti Palace ; ” Saint Catherine of Siena, which presents a crowd of commoners Florentine ” , commissioned by the Marchese Carlo Torrigiani ; ” Imelda Lambertazzi “and” Boniface Geremei “performed on behalf of the Mr. William Metzler in Frankfurt am Main ; ” The triclinium ,” ” The Vestals come out from the amphitheater after the show ,” ” The seller of crockery ” , ” a familiar scene in the peristyle ,” ” Cornelia mother of the Gracchi ,” ” The races the carts in Circus ” ,” The menagerie bride and groom ” , ” a rainy day in Florence “” a Pompeian street in a rainy day , “” The road , “” The feast of Bacchus , “” from the distiller . “


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