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Pompeo Mariani

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Pompeo Mariani

( Monza 1857 - Bordighera 1927 )


    Pompeo Mariani

    In 1882 , with an ” eastern Sketch ” and with ” Bosco in Parco di Monza ” won the award Fumagalli Brera , and in that year he also executed the “Port of Genoa ” and ” Rain in Genoa ” which took the gold medal the International Exhibition of Nice. In 1884 he won the prize Umberto Lire 4000 with his ” Greetings from the dying sun ,” the Ministry of Education acquired its ” Vaporino tug” for the Gallery of Modern paintings of Rome, and the colony of Valparaiso a true portrait of the ” general Garibaldi , “which he performed.

    In 1885 he had a gold medal in Paris with his ” Sketches East ” and its ” Marine” , a silver medal at the International Exhibition in London, pel framework “Night in the port of Genoa ,” and the degree of Honorary Member of the Academy of Brera in Milan for his painting ” the Wave ” .

    At the same time he sold to the Society of Fine Arts of Verona another painting ” The prayer in Arabic ,” and by the King of Italy was purchased by him painting “Evening .” In 1886, reported the silver medal in Liverpool , with the painting ” Water sauce ” in Venice the following year , he exhibited ” A portrait of the real lady ” and “Night Light ” in Vienna, ” ford ” and in that city sells for a gallery the other his painting ” the hour is coming my desire .”

    In 1888, concurred with his paintings at the Italian Exhibition in London and sold : ” Fable of Aesop ,” ” Heavy ,” ” Kiss furious ” , and sent to Monaco of Bavaria paintings : ” the moon rises ,” ” Autumn are desolate leaves “and” Port of Genoa at sunset ” and had a new gold medal. In 1889 he sent to Paris ; ” Corners Spring ” and ” Water in buckets ” and even now is preparing new and important paintings.

    Mariani ‘s work will not talk further, the numerous honors and medals that he has indicated, are not dubious proof of his skill and art sum of his brush . Source De Gubernatis


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