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Pietro Scoppetta

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Pietro Scoppetta

( Amalfi 1863 - Napoli 1920 )


    Pietro Scoppetta

    He was a pupil of G. Di Chirico in Naples. Later he went to Paris and London, staying abroad for more than a decade and thus forming an artistic personality in which you can hear the influences of the French impressionists their grace of illustrators, and at the same time the softness of its coloristic Neapolitan School . Artist sensitive, the Neapolitan Scoppetta drew landscapes, Paris and London, and was particularly effective, as a figure in the canvas to stop the grace of femininity.

    His first painting appeared in 1881 at the Promoter “Salvator Rosa” of Naples, and was purchased by the King: now part of the Art Gallery of Capodimonte. His other credits include “Who will,” “In place”, “On the mountains of Amalfi,” “Along the way,” purchased by the King and kept in the Pinacoteca di Capodimonte “Portrait of a Princess,” “Fior di passion,” “Speck “” Watercolor “: all exposed to the” Salvator Rosa “of Naples, between 1885 and 1911,” Summer “, sent to Venice in 1887,” Mary “and” Scene in the street “, sent to London in 1888, for That show Italian, “Marina di Amalfi” and “Fontana di Amalfi”, exposed in Palermo in 1891-1892; “The painter in the country” and “on the coast of Amalfi”, presented in Monaco of Bavaria in 1893; “Around Napoli “, exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1900;” Amalfi “(bozzettone) and” Valley of mills in Amalfi “, with whom he participated in the same year Exposition Principality of Monaco;” Santuzza “and” Impressions of Paris “, exposed at the Paris Salon in 1901, “The Good Friday in Amalfi”, presented to you the following year; “Impression of Paris”, sent to Monaco Principality in 1905; “Patocki Palace in Paris,” shown at the exhibition of the “Connoisseurs and Amateurs» of Rome, in 1910; “Taverna Neapolitan” sent well in 1910 at the Venice Biennale; “Nocturne” and “Pensive” outstanding exhibition in 1914.


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