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Pasquale Ruggiero di San Marzano

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Pasquale Ruggiero di San Marzano

( San Marzano sul Sarno 1851 - Napoli 1915 )


    Pasquale Ruggiero di San Marzano

    A preference for genre painting and also gave most of his assiduous study, with great love , in a country subjects through which he lived his life of art. That is no small production of this artist. In the lap of his profession has made several trips abroad , in the interest of art and its business . He visited several major European cities and ultra ocean.

    It ‘ been to London, Ostend, several times , even annually , in Rotterdam, Izmir and twice in New York, bringing with him many many memories of local customs mounted on canvas and tablets . But .. when he was still with so much energy , because it produced works that made him honor , he was seized by misfortune , far from his homeland.

    A apoplexy , the l9 March 1905 rendered useless the whole right side . But the illness that had not sapped the physical took away the intellect that was clear. It is not disheartened , since , after a brief lull , inevitable for the great pain experienced , tried to accustom his left hand to continue the work that he had performed unnecessary right.

    He did this after evidence of strong will and in 1906 could also expose a painting executed in such conditions , the Promoter of Naples. And it is in this that the Society of Fine Arts Ruggiero, in the early years of his profession , he did appear very frequently his works.

    As we said before , presented the first time at Salvator Rosa in 1869 , a painting titled ” A poor ,” which was purchased by the Company and was chosen by lot to Mr. Domenico Rizzo ; shows in 1872 and 1906 , the paintings ” The mothering “and” in the village “were also purchased by the Company and touched by fate , respectively, to Mr. Gaetano Passaro and S. M. King Vittorio Emanuele III in 1875 , ” Sadness ” and ” Joy ” property of Baron Jerome Zone in 1876 , “The song of our people” was purchased by S. M. King Vittorio Emanuele II and now is found in the collection of Capodimonte.

    In 1877 , “Spring of Life” was bought by Comm Vonwiller John , in 1885, “I remember Capri ” was sold to the Duke of Martina , in 1887 and 1888 ” I want to see if you love me ” and ” Effects of wine” were purchased by the city of Naples in 1888 , ” Trastulli childhood ” was purchased by the Marquis Cesare BERLINGIERI , in 1890 , ” Before the concert ” was bought by Banco di Napoli. We still remember that Ruggiero, for the painting “The Marriage in the village ,” reported a bronze medal at the International Labour held in Naples in 1890.

    It ‘ important to remember some of the pictures of this fine artist who got most praise. They are: ” A poor man “, the ” mothering “, ” wedding day “, ” Sadness “, ” Joy “, ” The song of our people,” “Spring of Life” , ” I want to see if you love me “,” teacher Rose , “” the Poet in the barracks “and others that I can not remember .


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