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Oreste Da Molin

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Oreste Da Molin

( Piove di Sacco, Padova 1856 - 1921 )


    Oreste Da Molin

    He had his early training from Tessato and sent to Venice in 1873 , I attended that academy . An open mind to new ways of Italian painting , he felt the influence of the Morelli, who had attended for some time, and this assimilation also preserved in his last paintings.

    He had great activities and treated the genre painting , drawing mainly on the life of his time in Venice and painting with a panache , a naturalness and spontaneity in a personal . It also inspired , as Favretto , the life of the Venetian ‘700 , and with very few works he approached him. Little known in Italy, was appreciated and often awarded to foreign exposures . In Paris he spent the Hall , where he represented the first time in 1886.

    He started his career with exposure to the Venetian Academy a genre picture , ” Waiting for a buyer .” In 1881 the National Exhibition in Milan participated with two works, ” The painters x tuti mati” and ” The last memory of the family” , the latter purchased by the organizing committee of the exhibition, art for the raffle . In the same year , at the Mostra d’ Arte Antica di Venezia expounded ” A game of cards ” in 1887 as well in Venice, at the National Exhibition , the triptych ” Well fed ” ” Mal fed” Tristitia . ” His other works : “Dear you so much x bela ,” “The parody of the convicts ,” ” Antiquities “, exhibited in 1889 at the International Paris, ” Scribes public “, exhibited in Leipzig, (1894 ), ” Diurnisti to two pounds ” , in Venice in 1895 ; ” Palette policy ” , in 1896 in Barcelona , and in 1898 , also in Barcelona , his already famous painting ” the ill- fed , ” for which earned a silver medal , ” Anguish ” purchased by the King at the Venice Film Festival in 1897 and donated to the Gallery of Modern Art ; ” Barbers ” and ” scribes of State ” , in Turin in 1895 ; ” Blondette ” , in Paris in 1899, ” Alone in the world,” in Leningrad in 1902 , ” uncover , passes a wounded Labour ” , in London in 1906.

    His works can be found scattered in many private collections around three hundred are kept by the children in Padua . Among the portraits are mentioned: that of ” Green ” ; “Uncle Romanio ” of the “Son ” of ” Senator Vector Giusti del Giardino ” .


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