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Michelangelo Grigoletti

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Michelangelo Grigoletti

( Rorai Grande di Pordenone 1801 - Venezia 1870 )


    Michelangelo Grigoletti

    He completed his education at the Academy of Venice under the guidance of T. Matteini . He lived at first poorly performing and drawing portraits for Lithographers , until he managed to get noticed in 1837 and in the following year by winning a competition for a framework to be placed in Sant’Antonio Nuovo in Trieste and painting ” The Two Foscari ” , by commission of Ferdinand I.

    Since then he missed fees sacred paintings for many churches in the Veneto and portraits, in which he was skilful and should be regarded among the best of that era both for the natural vitality that he was able to impress in subjects , such as for composure of the setting , for the safety and delicacy of execution.

    He exhibited at the Academy Veneta in 1824 ” Jupiter caressing Love ” in 1838 : ” Holy Family ,” ” St. Anne “, ” St. Joachim ” and ” Mary” altarpiece for the church of St. Anthony in Florence, and in 1854 ” the Assumption” ( commissioned by Cardinal Ladislao Picker, along with other paintings, the main church of Esztergon in Hungary) who could not enter, for its large size , in the halls of the exhibition , was exposed in the former church of Santa Margherita where he achieved great success for the grandeur of the composition, purity of design and harmony in general very difficult to obtain such vast proportions.

    Other important works : ” The last interview with the son of the Doge Francesco Foscari Jacopo ” , preserved in the National Gallery of Vienna ; ” Erminia end the wounds of Tancred ,” ” Susanna between the two old men ,” ” Tancredi at the body of Clorindel “” Lucia at the foot of the Nameless . ” Religious works , “Christ on the shores of the Sea of Galilee ,” in Brescia Cathedral ; ” Immaculate Virgin ” performed by Anne of Austria , and she placed in the villa of Galliera , “The Virgin who deliver the souls purged ” for the church of St. James in Udine ; ” Saint Lucia ” and ” San Sebastian” in the church of San Giorgio in Pordenone , ” St. Paul preaching the gospel ” ; ” Saint Lucia ” , ” Saint Anne with Mary maiden” ; “Baptism of Jesus Christ ” , all commissioned by Prince Jacopo Duz of Constantinople ; ” Virgin Concetta “for Beatrice Maria Infante of Spain . Portraits : ” The lady Gentilomo ” and ” Landadio Gentilomo ” , in the collection of Margherita Sarfatti , ” Virginia Sartorelli ,” property of prof. Joseph Piccio , “Ms. White ” , stored in the Municipality of Pordenone with six other portraits including the parents of the artist; ” ND Isabella Fossati Mazzaroli ” , owned by the nob . Carlo Palumbo , ” ND Maria Fossati Paris” and ” ND Teresa Fossati ” at the nob . Francesco Fossati , ” Gian Lucio Poletti ,” owned by the Cav. Giovan Battista Politi of Pordenone.


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