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Mario Vellani Marchi

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Mario Vellani Marchi

( Modena 1895 - Milano 1979 )


    Mario Vellani Marchi

    He studied at the Academy of Modena , and in 1914 we won the second prize of Retired Poletti . Breaking out the first European war , its participation was voluntary , taking leave as a lieutenant of the bombers . After the war , he shot a lot of Italy , has made trips to Paris, London , Africa , and by 1920 he began to exhibit his works , especially drawings , lithographs, etchings. He thus took part in all the most important Italian exhibition .

    To all the Quadrennial Roman Empire, the Venetian Biennale , attended since 1924. ( We recall among them : that of 1936 in which it set out a group of drawings and impressions made in the crossing of Africa, the Cape of Good Hope to Cairo , the 1938 three works , the twelve works of 1940 ) , at exposure ordered in Leipzig, Zurich , Barcelona. Its activity has been awarded the great gold medal ministerial Biennale di Brera in 1925 and two silver medals , as well ministerial , the Triennial of Modena in 1924 and 1927.

    His works have been acquired by major public galleries : the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan owns ” The road to the monastery ,” ” Ortolano buranello ” ; various designs of war, album pages, as well as a lithograph , ” Canal in Burano ” , the Museum of the Capitol in Rome , ” the Colleoni ” the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Palermo , ” fillet of Lazio” , exhibited in 1930 at the International Veneziana the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Rome , two drawings : “In near the Tower of London ” and” at Constance . ”

    Other works were purchased by the Province of Venice, by the municipalities of Bologna and Modena. The Vellani Marchi, who in the season 1925-1926 he also worked as a set designer in the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, worked on the ‘ Illustration Italian , “the” Century XX “and to” Reading . ” He has performed over 160 color plates representing all the costumes of Roman Italy for a publisher . They cite yet his works: ” La Salute” (etching ) exposed to Venice in 1924 ; ” Figure in Pink” ; “Little gardener ” ; ” Sandolo green ” and “Still Life ” , exposed to that of 1932, ” Small lace buranelle “, exhibited at the Venice Biennale of 1942 ; ” Spring in the Garden of Burano , “” Lake Garda ” , presented at the Third Quadrennial .


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