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Marco Calderini

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Marco Calderini

( Torino 1850 - 1941 )


    Marco Calderini

    Born in Turin on July 20, 1850 died on 26 February 1941. Student at the Accademia Albertina , the Leg of Gastaldi and Fontanesi , which preferred it and that was a devoted biographer. Released from the ranks of Turin painters , followers of Fontanesi , completely disappointed by all the influences of lyrical romantic impressionistic French, walked away very art of the teacher and saw the Piedmont landscape , from the endless green , with gentle and profound objectivity, how come no had seen him before him, breaking the tradition of painting Piedmont and trying their own vision of the framework of the country. Rara avis among Italian artists , was equipped with a vast culture and lively with politeness wrote about art earning the reputation of critic intact and austere.

    He began his career with the painting ” The banks of the Po in Turin” which is one of the most remarkable works , located in the Museo Civico in Turin established his reputation with the painting ” The solitary statues ,” in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome , and reaffirmed with beautiful paintings , mostly dazzling views of Piedmont. He also dealt with the figure and the portrait , though of this activity is known very little. It ‘ been there, often award-winning, always admired the major European exhibitions . Best known works : ” Summer in the Alps ” and ” Among Val di Susa and Val Sangone ” in the Museum of Turin ” Winter Sadness ” , the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome ; ” Rainy day in Spring” ; ” Morning of July , “” View of the Val Solda , “” the name of the damo “” Terrace in villa “” Hospitalis umbra ” , ” Morning of August , “” Turin Hills , “” The nature and the artist ” , ” the Garden ,” ” Alt ,” ” on the plateau ,” ” the last snow ,” ” Narrow lane in the countryside ,” ” Twilight on the Po .” His other works are housed in the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan, Venice , Piacenza and in the royal palaces of Turin and Capodimonte. In the collection of the Comm. Delleani of Carignano is preserved another edition of the framework placed in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome ” The solitary statues ” that instead Calderini entitled ” The royal garden of Turin after the rain .”


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