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Luigi Conconi

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Luigi Conconi

( Milano 1852 - 1917 )


    Luigi Conconi

    He studied architecture at the Brera Academy , and completed his studies, he devoted himself to painting . He became known with his etchings , including that of the “Courtyard of Palazzo Marino ,” which was exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1877 .

    He was a friend of Cremona and Ranzoni , and began to paint just near them, also spiritually in fact his first opera , ” Boys in the Garden” (1879 ) is clearly cremoniana . By 1880 , with the etchings of the “House of the Magician” , with the painting “The Witches ” , and others like it turned out personal painter , imaginative and mysterious. But even this was not in his painting that for a moment.

    It was always eager for new experiences and new conquests , came to create , especially in the last years of his life , works of strength and beauty , sometimes all shadow and mystery (I nightspots, sometimes lost in a calm and clarity pure , alive and strong , which makes him one of the most interesting , vital and personal best artists of the nineteenth century Italian.

    His first major exhibition was held in the Brera in 1880 , where among his other works (the ” Portraits of lords Pozza ,” ” A head ” , ” Air and sun” , ” shade ” , ” light ” , ” Rain” , etc.). figured the painting ” the Witches ” , which shocked audiences and critics. In 1881 he won the prize medal Broggi . He participated several times , often winning , for Italian and foreign exhibitions . In 1900 he obtained a prize in Paris, and in 1891 he exhibited in Monaco , where , in 1913 , his painting ” Night serena” took the gold medal . Already in 1893 in Philadelphia had obtained an award . Among his most important works are cited : ” Intermezzo ” (1886 ), ” The way of the magician ” (1890 ), ” The throne of the beautiful Mantesca ” (1891 ), and other unfinished paintings of this cycle , entitled ” Tales and legends , “and then : ” the death of the child ” ; ” motherly love , “” changes in the Crypt “( 1909) , one of which is at the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome ; ” the Bather ” (1903 ),” Fausto and Margarita ” (1912 ),” the breath of the Night ” (1914 ),” On the ramparts of Monfortet “(1915 ) , and many portraits, including that of” Tullo Massarani ” ( 1905-1906 ), the” Lady Torelli ” , the “Lady Valdata .” Countless his caricatures are scattered everywhere, especially on the ” Mean Guerin ,” because he was also a humorist pleasant man all goodness , kindness and modesty.

    It will remain memorable in the annals of the period of Lombard art of the nineteenth century that goes ; under the definition of romantic art.


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