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Lorenzo Delleani

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Lorenzo Delleani

( Pollone 1840 - Torino 1908 )


    Lorenzo Delleani

    He studied at the Accademia Albertina in Turin, a disciple of Charles Arienti and Andrea Gastaldi. At first he sided between the romantic, performing works such as: “Tasso”, “Cristoforo Colombo”; “Beatrice di Tenda” and other historical subjects for which he drew inspiration from the Venetian life of 700, as “The races in Venice, “which was very successful at the Paris Salon in 1878;” Canaletto in session “;” Caterina Grimani, “” on the pier “and” Sebastiano Veniero winner of the battle of Lepanto, “which he obtained in 1870, great success of audiences and critics, currying also the approval of the difficult Gerome. By 1880 he began his work as a landscape painter, reaffirming excellent painter and bright, delicate poet of nature.

    Exhibited in Venice, in 1887, “Party at the hermitage” and “In Excelsis”, “High Biella” in Milan, in 1894, “Land,” “On the Sacred Way,” “Autumn Smiles” in 1895, in Venice , “San Martino at 2000 meters,” “abundant crop” in Turin in 1896, “Spes our prejudice” and “Under the giant”, in Venice, in 1897, “adolescence” in 1899, “Manto winter”; and in 1901, “Leftover avalanche” and “Eridiana.” In 1883 he traveled to Holland, from where he returned full of impressions and in-depth studies.

    His paintings are in galleries scattered state and in many private collections. Main works: “Imminent moon,” “Shadows secular”, “High Biella” and “Beccaio”, all in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome; “On the pier in Venice”; “Museums”, “The Last Time”, “the sons of the cowherd”, “Plateau”, “Country” and thirteen studies, preserved in the Museo Civico di Torino: “Oxen Piedmont” and “Scheweningen” in the collection of Countess Sophie of Bricklehampton; “the train”, in the collection of Dr. Hannibal Germano of Turin, “the procession of Fontainemore” and “In montibus sanctis” “a landscape of Cuneo” and “Towards the convent”, unfinished and bearing the date of 1909. In both paintings are unchanged reveals the hand of the master.


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