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Lodovico Raymond

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Lodovico Raymond

( Torino 1825 - 1898 )


    Lodovico Raymond

    Ugo de Filarte he writes : He was born Raymond in 1895. His artistic principles brought them to the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti of Turin , and from that great artist who was the Arienti , learned, especially to consider painting as a sister of History; being that is his job to remind the people , or be made worthy of special memorial . Once the academic courses , he traveled to Italy, stopping at some time in Rome and then five years in Florence , always studying and always devising and executing paintings.

    In 1852 he exhibited at our Promotrice his first picture , ” exiled Ovid ,” and not in the short course of 34 years , Raymond performed hundreds of pictures, mostly historians , many of them powerful originality of concept and depth of feeling. Chose, instead of the large format mediocre in his paintings , so that his figures are solvents between the third and the fourth from the truth.

    The Salt of the Promoter Turin annually were decorated with paintings of Raymond , often three or four in number , and also the Exhibition of Milan, Genoa and Rome also did well often Exhibition of the works of our Piedmont. I would take too long and detailed chronological examination of the work of Raymond , not to mention the minor works of genre pictures that showed it at the times of our Circle of Artists , will remember only the main among his paintings of importance. – Egyptian History : ” Hermes ” , clear picture riescito ; ” deals with domestic lari ,” bought by S. M. and repeated for the Artists’ Club , where it acquired the cav. Rocca , “The hour of the meal of the God Apis .” – History of Greek and Roman : ” The Greek adulterous woman ,” one of his earliest works , you will find the Royal Palace , ” Slaves in the Temple ,” ” Nero ” ” Virgil and Octavia Augusta ,” ” The Vestal ” ; ” Ovid banished to Tomi . ” – Byzantine History : ” The Iconoclasts ” , sold the Milan Exhibition , ” The Emperor Justinian ,” purchased by the Company Promoter . – History of Biblical and Christian : ” Noah ,” ” Judas ,” sketch , ” Christ on the Cross” , Pavarino property , very successful in the expression of the head ; ” Mass at Mount Carmel” , sold in 1880 , Viaticum ” , the Royal Palace , ” The Stippettaio ( Holy Family ) ,” “The Magdalene dying .” – Period Medieval : ” Spies ” (found very new ), ” The Daughters of the Emperor Charlemagne ” , owned by the family Borani ; ” Merchants of Venice ” at home Dumontel , ” Heloise and Abelard “, one of the most celebrated paintings Raymond and was praised by critics and artists remained unsold , ” Pope Clement VII ,” ” the Venetian flower girls “, ” the Doge Nicolò Tron ” , owned by the comm . Ajello , ” The scribes of Monte Cassino ,” the Royal Palace ; ” literary disquisitions in the house Aldus ” , owned by the banker U. Geisser , “The Abbess Morosini ,” ” King Arduino gets monaco ” , the Royal Palace , “King Desire ” bought by Prince Thomas , ” Dante to the board of San Geminianus “, ” Recreations of nuns ,” ” The Emperor Diocletian ” , ” Antonio Foscarini ,” ” Elizabeth Zeno ” , purchased by Q. Sella , Secretary to the Ministry of Education. (Source: A. De Gubernatis 1889).


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