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Giuseppe Sciuti

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Giuseppe Sciuti

( Catania 1834 – Roma 1911 )


    Giuseppe Sciuti

    He was a pupil in Catania G. Gandolfo , famous portrait and landscape painter local . The young man would have gladly followed the suggestion , though in 1852 an eruption of Etna had not destroyed the possessions of his father , and together, the ability of the father sussidiarlo , so that the artist was forced to work at a decorator while continuing to study painting on their own.

    Then he went to work as if ‘ , without attending academies and without aid of any kind. In eleven years of continuous sacrifices could glean from a small hoard , the mercy which he went to Florence , where he painted ” The Widow ” and ” The Betrayed ,” which then exposed to Catania from the Town Hall were acquired by way of encouragement. He returned to the town and afterwards had gone to Naples , he became known by that audience with the painting ” The Temptation ” , which was bought by the banker Vonwiller . Then performed “Mothers of the fatherland” ; ” Prisoners of Castelnuovo after the capitulation ” and ” An episode of the looting of Catania ” , which were exhibited at the Promoter Neapolitan and found there easily buyers. In Genoa he exhibited “Charity ” at the First National Exhibition held in Parma , ” The domestic peace ” and the National Exhibition of Milan, ” Pindar that enhances a winner of the Olympic Games ” , which was purchased by the Ministry of Education and donated to the Pinacoteca di Brera and executed yet ” the funeral of Timoleon ,” one of his best works in the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Palermo , and ” a wedding greek ” . In 1875 he settled in Rome . Along would list the works , especially historical subjects , which he performed in his noble and fruitful career as an artist. Mention : ” The day after lunch in an ancient Roman “, exhibited in Milan , ” A geography lesson ” , sent to Melbourne ; ” Restauratio aerarii ” , his masterpiece in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome ; “Battle of Himera ” and ” hic manebimus optime ” acquired by private English ; ” Temple of Venus ” , in the palace of Rome Valuation Office of Advocacy ,” The Madonna of the children ” in the church of Sant’Agata la Vetere in Catania, ” St. Joseph with the Child ” in the Mother Church of Zafferana ; ” the eruption of Etna in 1852 ” , in the Municipality of the town itself and, again Zafferana : a “Madonna with Child” at home Giarrusso , ” Portrait of St. Joseph Sciuti ” , in Sciuti house ; ” Judith” in the house Di Prima , ” the Sorrows ” and ” St. Joseph with the Child ” , in the house of his nephew Angelo Salemi . In addition , a series of frescoes in the hall of the Provincial Council of Sassari main representatives of those they “La Repubblica Sassarese ” and ” The triumphal entry of Sassari Angioi Gian Maria ,” and then : ” Triumph of Bacchus ” , in the house of Florio Palermo ; ” Battle of Aguilio ” and ” Compensation ” , in the palace Calanna of Acireale ; ” Achilles and Potino have to Julius Caesar the head of Pompey the Great ” , in the house of his son Eugenio Sciuti in Rome, other frescoes on the ceiling of the collegiate church of Catania and is one of the Cathedral of Acireale.


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