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Giovanni Sottocornola

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Giovanni Sottocornola

( Milano 1855 - 1917 )


    Giovanni Sottocornola

    His training took place at the Academy of Brera where he was distinguished for the ability to draw not comuni.Fu of those painters of the Lombard school in the latter part of the nineteenth century felt that the suggestion of the phenomenon segantiniano .

    But while going in a certain way in the wake of the great painter of Arco staff as he knew he could not force his temperament led to a gentle introspection and pathetic as well as the nature of childhood , which could descriptor delicate and fragrant , especially with pastel worked with sensitive grace and exquisite feeling of sfumato .

    In this way the place it occupies in Italian painting of the time, is very distinct , and recent studies of art criticism have increasingly placed in clear light so toccargli now the title of Master , in view of the fact that its shape has succeeded typical and bounded .

    In addition to being investigator was the poetic soul of the children , was also a painter of poetic paintings of typical alpine reason to represent groups of sheep at figures of peasant girls , the ones and the others caught in an atmosphere segantiniana , but made the the distinctive blurred shape that is characteristic of all spiritual painter . Was marked by awards achieved official recognition as the ” Prize Cassani » pel picture ” Light and work.” Modest and self-effacing in life, was a profound student of painting technique , which enabled him to succeed even excellent restorer , an activity that linked his name to the difficult restoration of the frescoes of the baroque church of St. Antonio Milan, and especially those in the Luini in the Church of the Monastero Maggiore in Milan.

    Among his major works are to remember: ” The fruit” ; “Seller of pumpkins ” , presented at the exhibition in Milan in 1886 ” Amateur ” and ” A page comic ” , exhibited in Venice in 1887 , ” A mason ” ; ” effect of time gray ” and ” Out the door ” , with which the artist participated in the Milan Triennial of 1891 , ” Serenity ” ,” The blue Book ” , the collection Turri Hen of Milan. In the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan sl retain him three paintings : “Dawn of the worker ,” ” Mariuccia ” and ” Portrait of a Woman” , which last pictured in 1900 at the Exhibition of Painting Lombarda nineteenth century.


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