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Giacomo Grosso

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Giacomo Grosso

( Cambiano 1860 - Torino 1938 )


    Giacomo Grosso

    He completed his training in Turin, where he attended the Accademia Albertina, where he was a pupil of Pier Celestino Gilardi and Andrea Gastaldi . He started his career in 1882 , participating in the Exhibition of the Promoter of Turin with the painting “The Page” . The following year he sent to Milan ” Christ on the Cross ,” and in 1884, after a short stay in Rome, he reappeared at the Turin public with the large painting “The cell of the mad “, performed with just two tones of black and white, which had great success and was purchased by the Municipality of Turin for the Civic Museum. Since then, the protection and friendship of wealthy Turin they opened the way for a rapid career during which the successes were followed . In 1886 he went to Paris and Alberto Pasini introduced him to the French artists then in vogue , and then in London he met Alma Tadema . In that same year, he performed the strong and serious ” portrait of the father” , which is still considered one of his best works . In 1888 he was appointed teacher at the Academy of Turin. Loved and appreciated by the most famous personalities , produced primarily a large number of portraits. His painting is elegant and robust in design, friendly, exuberant color, both in portrait and landscape and still life. Main works : “Self-portrait ” , in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence ; ” Portrait in gray ” , purchased by the Queen Mother in 1894 , ” Portrait of Mrs. Oytana ,” which won the award of the artists in Florence in 1897 and a gold medal at the Paris Salon the following year to ” Virginia Reyter ” , which was awarded a gold medal in Monaco of Bavaria in 1889 , the ” Portraits of the King and Queen ,” ordinatigli by Vittorio Emanuele III , to be donated to the President of the French Republic Loubet . The “Portrait of Princess Laetitia ” , preserved in the Museum Revoltella in Trieste , that of ” Mrs. Jordan ” of the ” Marchesa Spirolla ” of ” Conchita Supervia ” ; “Donna Lina Bridges” , the ” Count Salvadori ” of the “master Toscanini ” of the” Count Cesare Salvadon ” of the” master Puccini ” , the ” Ladies and Benni Olivetti “and” His Holiness Pope Benedict XV ” , preserved in the Museum of the Vatican. His works are located in major Italian galleries and private collections abroad. They cite again: ” Holy Family” , awarded at the Paris Salon in 1903 ; ” Harmonies Interrupted,” Column property of the banker of Turin and ” Supreme Meeting ,” which exhibited in Venice in 1895 , he lifted the astonished admiration on the one hand , clamor and other disagreements , but that came out , defended by Fogazzaro , accusations of unethical work .


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