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Giacomo Favretto

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Giacomo Favretto

( Venezia 1849 - 1887 )


    Giacomo Favretto

    A lad and helped his father in the trade of carpenter, then worked at a stationer until the painter Francesco Vason , who had appreciated his willingness to draw , taught him the basics of art. Following the Vason enrolled him at the Venice Academy , where the young Michelangelo Grigoletti Favretto had for teachers and Pompeo Marino Molmenti , and the exquisite artistic sentiment continued to develop in him. It was in Paris in the company of some fellow Venetians in 1879 , and though it did not draw a profit from this artistic journey began precisely that year his fortune , which had many requests for work by German merchants and English.

    Many of his paintings reproduce the popular Venetian life , while others are re-enactments eighteenth century . He was one of the few painters who had during his short life, applause, honor, wealth , and his paintings , all executed with particular finesse and safety of technique, with fiery animation and chromatic splendor , had no rivals at the Exhibition Italian and foreign , and they made Favretto not consider the continuation of the genre scene , but also an innovator and creator of the popular anecdotal genre painting.

    He had specially in Venice many imitators, none of which equaled him . His first painting , ” Jone ” , was bought by Prince Giovanelli for his gallery ; ” An Anatomy Lesson “, exhibited at the Brera Academy , was purchased by the Academy , and is located in the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan with two other works: ” Portrait of a Lady ” and ” Two paintings for sale ,” ” the mouse ” , also purchased by the Academy of Brera Art Gallery is in the same with ” Vandalism ” , to which he was awarded the Prince Umberto of Exposition Milan 1880 , ” El difeto in manego x ” (where he portrayed in the figure of the protagonist ‘s father ), exhibited in Milan in 1881, currently belongs to the Foundation Senator Breda in Ponte di Brenta ” Threesome ” . ” Allegro” , is in the Museo Correr in Venice , ” The Declaration ,” in the Museum Revoltella in Trieste ” At Liston ,” ” After the Bath ” and ” Waiting for the bride and groom ” , all three are in the Gallery of Modern Art of Rome. A second edition of “Waiting for the bride and groom ” is in the collection of the Comm. Aldo Crespi in Milan. Other works are housed in private collections : ” Campo San Polo ” , “The father and sister of the painter ” and ” School of Painting” , already in the gallery of the Comm. Paul Ingegnoli of Milan, ” The jealous wife ” and ” The School of Design ” , in the collection of the heirs of the painter Italico Brass , “The cat on the linen ,” in the collection of comm . Carlo Clausetti of Milan “Seller of birds ” ; “Study of guy ” and “Study for San Polo ” , in that the comm . Mario Rossello , “Soli “, belonging to Mr. Guido Rossi , Milan; ” Balcony of the Palazzo Ducale ,” Ms. Corinna Uberti Trossi of Livorno , ” An idyll ” , in the collection of Baroness Hydrangea Bonfili , “School ” , in that of ‘ lawyer . Giacomo de Treves ‘ Bonfili of Venice ; ” Chess players ” at the cav. uff . Amato in Rome; “Head of a commoner ” , in the collection of Cav. uff . Mario Baldin of Venice ; ” The menders ” , in the collection of the family Papadopoli of Venice ” At liston modern ” in the royal collections . In 1923 , on the occasion of the exhibition of Venetian portrait of the nineteenth century , if not surprised , aroused no small wonder to see gathered in a hall twelve portraits executed with spontaneity and security by Favretto and that proved its worth in this field. The principal : ” Portrait of a Lady ,” in the Gallery of Modern Art in Venice ; “Mr. Pellanda ” at the Society of Arts edificatoria ; “The soul rose”, owned by Mr. Pietro Romanelli in Paris; ” Peter Scarpa” , dr. John the Baptist Bombardella ; “Guglielmo Ciardi “, belonging to Mr. Angelo Fiorelli , ” A cousin of ” , in the collection of Mr. Veneziano Manor . The works of Favretto are in public and private galleries around the world . In the Berlin Museum ‘s ” The servant fell asleep ” , in that of Monaco (Bavaria ) , ” Venetian Artist .”


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