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Giacinto Gigante

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Giacinto Gigante

( Napoli 1806 - 1876 )


    Giacinto Gigante

    It can be considered together with the Pitloo the most important painter of the School of Posillipo. His father, Gaetano , mediocre painter , introduced him to the art as the other children , Hercules , Achilles and Emilia . Protected by Vianelli was presented all’Huber , in whose studio he learned to paint in watercolor and oil . Then he attended the school ‘ Dutch Pitloo , and ended up going over. He made his first earnings by executing on behalf of a Swiss, Wolfensberger of landscapes in watercolor . Growing up in fame, in 1846 he accompanied the Emperor and Empress of Russia in Sicily , where he composed for them a “Album of views lsola .” He was later appointed drawing master of the children of Ferdinand II of Bourbon, then by Francis II elevated to the position of court painter . Jealous of his art, almost the same landscape that showed was admirable performer coloring warm and airy , a scholar of the effects of light. He treated the oil Half a system he devised tempera , watercolor, etching , lithography , revealing , with its lively and free style , a precursor of Impressionism. Some of his works : ” The marina di Sorrento” property of the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome , “The Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro animated people” , watercolor, commissioned by King Vittorio Emanuele II and currently placed in the Pinacoteca di Capodimonte ” ruins of a temple in Pompeii ” and” St. Francis in Pozzuoli , ” in the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan , ” Birmingham ” , watercolor , in the collection of Count Giuseppe Matarazzo di Licosa ; ” VIIIa Minutolo ” , owned by the heirs of the painter Giuseppe Casciaro , ” Landscape of Cava ” , watercolor , in the collection of Cav . Mangusi of Naples. ” Pozzuoli ” , owned by the engineer. Hercules Northmen of Turin, ” Landscape Sorrento ” and ” Porch of Convent ” , both in the collection of the Comm. Carlo Clausetti of Milan , “The cloister of San Lorenzo ,” ” At the source ,” “The sacristy of Donna Regina ” ; “Amalfi ” , all owned by Mr . Alberto Gualtieri of Naples.


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