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Gerolamo Induno

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Gerolamo Induno

( Milano 1825 - 1890 )


    Gerolamo Induno

    Born in Milan December 13, 1827 , died there 18 December 1890 . After attending courses Brera with the guidance of Sabatelli and have begun to prove himself , he was taken by political events in which he entered as gregarious , fighting valiantly . After the days of 1848 had to take refuge in Switzerland with his older brother , Dominic. He could then reach in Florence , the volunteers that General Doctors ordered in the legion, and be with them under the walls of Rome. Jerome was among those who occupied it , rejected the French, the Vessel . Open a gap left by the French of San Pancrazio, the Medici was ordered to dislodge them from Palazzo Barberini , where they had nested with good strength. Jerome was the first of thirty volunteers who were thrown into the building and resumed the assault . He pushed forward so that when a new band was French counterattack on the terrace , fighting , suffered twenty-seven bayonet wounds in the body. Throwing himself from the terrace at the foot of which, “like a pile of bloody stuff ,” was picked up by two fellow soldiers , was taken to the hospital of the Brothers Hospitallers , where the monks nursed him , kept him hidden . As soon as he recovered , he remained in Rome to do some studies. After some wandering, protected by Count Giulio Litta , he returned to Milan. The wounded body allowed him to escape the Austrian military conscription .

    He participated , therefore, the shipment of Piedmont in the Crimea , and I filled ” Albi sketches ” of notes for paintings, from which arose then so much of his artistic production . In 1859 he wore the uniform of an officer , and he still Garibaldi throughout the campaign. ” He became as the official painter of patriotic scenes , and he spent himself in a multitude of works , often very significant .” ( From the catalog of the retrospective exhibition of Domenico and Gerolamo Induno ordered in the Castello Sforzesco in Milan from the Gallery of Art and Examination ) . Main works : ” The Battle of Magenta ,” in the Royal Palace of Milan ” A great sacrifice ” and ” sad presentiment,” Brera Art Gallery. In the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan are preserved twenty canvases , including: ” The game of chess ,” ” The antiquarian ” and ” The lame mandolin player .”


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