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Francesco Gioli

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Francesco Gioli

( San Frediano a Settimo 1846 - Firenze 1922 )


    Francesco Gioli

    He completed his training with A. Mariani in Pisa and E. Pollastrini in Florence. Attracted by the time of the ” macchiaiuoli ‘ , he left the academic method to follow the part of these nice and healthy , without being overwhelmed by the excesses . He was rewarded in 1869 in Pistoia for the picture ” Carlo Emanuele of Savoy dispels the Spanish Ambassador .” After this first success , conscious of the need to continually renew itself without betraying his own nature, and after a period of indecision and transition , of which there serbano track his other paintings, such as ” The Alfieri visiting Goldoni ” and ” Goldoni visiting Jean-Jacques Rousseau , ” found its way into the observation and study nature lover . His paintings , resource-rich pictorial , reproduce subjects as diverse landscapes, figures , seascapes , portraits, genre paintings , which he treated with equal passion and skill. Conditions of wealthy worked especially if ‘ , never to trade , just for shows. After forty years of study and work , he felt the need of a final judgment on his art and in 1914 in a hall of the International Venice , he exhibited 53 works that critics praised unreservedly and on which Arduino Colasanti summarized his judgment on ‘ “Emporium” writing: ” Renew without betraying his own nature, is the secret of greatness of many artists, and as Francesco Gioli adheres to this maxim not by calculation, but by virtue of her spontaneous happy tempera ment , for each test the soul vibrates with a sincerity that gives the new work a new youth . ” His main works are: ” Angelus Domini” , awarded in Parma in 1870 , ” the camps in June,” and in London in 1885 had a silver medal, and is now part of the collection Nistri , ” A meeting ,” ” Santa back , “” Harvest , “” Volterra ” , purchased by the city of Florence, ” the lanaiole ” , purchased and donated by the King at the Gallery of Modern Art in Venice ; ” Pass the procession , ” in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome , ” The Mass ” , “The pawnshop ” , ” mist ” , “Spring ,” ” Mater Dolorosa ,” ” The boscaiole St. Flushing ” , exhibited with great success in Perugia in 1887 .


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