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Filippo Palizzi

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Filippo Palizzi

( Vasto 1818 - 1899 )


    Filippo Palizzi

    In 1836 he came to Naples, where he entered the Academy of Fine Arts and then followed the teachings of his fellow Bonolis. His early studies of animals revealed his attention to real soon quickened by the careful study of daylight. Since the early ’40s is attentive to the new French thanks to his brother Joseph, and in 1855 he made a trip to Paris on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition. Washerwomen of Sarno, 1856 (Rome, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna) already reveals the new language of the painter able to report the truth on the canvas of light and color. His favorite subjects were the peasants and animals, real pictorial motifs which to develop his revolutionary color research.

    In 1861, controversy absent for the National Exhibition of Florence, he exhibited his paintings in the studio of Altamura creating havoc and admiration among the painters of exposure. Among the works include: In 1836 he came toNaples, where he entered the Academy of Fine Arts andthen followed the teachings of his fellow Bonolis

    His early studies of animals revealed his attention to real soonquickened by the careful study of daylight. Since the early’40s is attentive to the new French thanks to his brother Joseph, and in 1855 he made a trip to Paris on the occasion of the Universal ExhibitionWasherwomen of Sarno, 1856 (Rome, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna)already reveals the new language of the painter able to report the truth on the canvas of light and color. 

    His favorite subjects were the peasants and animals, realpictorial motifs which to develop his revolutionary color researchIn 1861controversy absent for the National Exhibition of Florence, he exhibited his paintings in thestudio of Altamura creating havoc and admiration among the painters of exposure. Among the works include:Mastino di guardia, Capre, Le lavandaie, Zampognaro, Campagna di Abruzzo, e Testa di caprone.


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