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Felice Schiavoni

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Felice Schiavoni

( Trieste 1803 - Venezia 1881 )


    Felice Schiavoni

    His first teacher was his father Christmas , then in 1814 , despite his young age, he got to enroll at the Accademia di Brera in Milan , where he was a pupil of Sabatelli . He moved to Vienna with his family, attended the one in Venice .

    He devoted himself to the holy painting while also being a good portrait , and executed many works for the imperial family of Russia. He faced the judgment of the public and critics alike with the painting ” Raphael and the Fornarina ,” purchased by Count Tosio of Brescia. His other works : “Deposition from the Cross” (1830 ), ” Venus kisses Love “, exhibited in Milan in 1832 , ” Flight into Egypt ” and ” Baby Jesus and Saint John ” , belonging to the family of the counts Sernagiotto ; “Presentation of child Jesus in the Temple “, exhibited in Venice in 1841 , painted for the church of Sant’Antonio Nuovo in Trieste ; ” Miracle of St. Anthony in Lisbon ” , performed for the Parish of Cavarzere , ” Jesus prayed in Gethsemane , ” for the church of St. James in Trieste ; “Saint Teresa of Jesus,” in the church Mechitarist of Trieste ; ” Madonna with Jesus and Saint John the lake of Tiberias ,” purchased by Baron Lina of Venice, ” the Immaculate Virgin ” performed for commissioned by count Luigi Sernagiotto ; ” the desolation in the study of Raphael at the time of his death,” commissioned by the Grand Duke , later Emperor , Alexander of Russia. This work aroused great enthusiasm in Russia and earned him a coveted honor. Among the many portraits painted by the artist are to be mentioned : that of the ” Grand Duchess Elena Paulowna ,” currently in the Galleries of Venice ; ” Baroness Angela Reinelt ” , owned by the Duchess Ersilia Canevaro ; ” Child” in the Museum Revoltella in Trieste ; ” Unknown “” Meneghelli Antonio ” ; ” Francesco Sartori “in the Museo Civico di Padova ; ” Child of Count Tommaso Soranzo , “” Countess Guiccioli ” ; ” Achilles Savini , “” Adelaide Violins Savini , “” Amalia Violins Savini . ” Of the ” Princess Elena Ghika Koltzoff Massalsky ” ( known in the literary world under the name of Dora d’Istria ) the Schiavoni executed three portraits , the last of which remained unfinished at the death of the artist.


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