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Federico Faruffini

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Federico Faruffini

( Sesto San Giovanni 1833 - Perugia 1869 )


    Federico Faruffini

    He attended courses at the same time the so-called political legal at the University of Pavia and the Municipal School of Art in that city, under the leadership of Trecourt and then went on to study painting at the Accademia di Brera , a disciple of Bertini . It belonged to the ranks of the precursors of modernism.

    On the lively wit , profound observer , after some early school essays cold and mannered , presented to the public works of genius , meditate , expertly colorful , fresh , lively , works which, unfortunately, only a few years ago are recognized fine.

    Embittered by the hostility and envy, forced to live as a photographer , he became ipemaniaco , and finally asked if fate should live or die, and his hat pulled out the note in which was written the tremendous sentence : Death ! He died by poison , in Perugia , December 16, 1869 .

    Among the key works that left include: ” Cristoforo Rocchi and Antonio Amedeo present the model of the Cathedral of Pavia to Cardinal Ascanio Sforza ,” academic painting with which he won the Frank in 1853 , the framework mistakenly called ” The Battle of San Fermo “instead of” the Battle of Varese , “” a scene delI’inquisizione ” ; ” Choir in the Certosa di Pavia ” , which together with sketches and studies had a claim to the position of Brera in 1864 , ” the Virgin of the Nile ” and” the youth of Lorenzo the Magnificent , ” in the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome ; ” Prayer of St. Dominic , ” work made for the Capuchins of the Certosa di Pavia ” the orgies of Messalina , “” Sordello and Cunizza ” property of the Brera Academy, ” schoolchildren dell’Alciato ” , by staining fresh and mellow , ” Cesare Borgia and Machiavelli ” , awarded in Paris, where it created a great impression in that show world in 1867 , with a gold medal , Napoleon III complimented the same Faruffini . Other works: “Self-portrait ” , owned by the artist’s daughter , ” Mrs. Teresita Faruffini in Zanolini ,” ” The gunsmith Etruscan ” , in the collection of Mr. Ettore Ferrari in Rome ; ” Procession on the Ponte Sant’Angelo ” , owned by the noble Carlo Castiglioni ; ” Portrait of Trecourt ” predicted that with the “Self ” can be considered the link between the first essays and maturity , ” the Immaculate ” for the Cathedral of Pavia ; ” Blessed Bernardino da Feltre , which distributes bread to the poor ” in the Carmelite church in Pavia , performed for the Company of bakers. The sketch of this painting is in the collection of the Comm. Rossello di Milano . In the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan are the paintings : ” Leggitrice ” “The gondola of Titian ,” ” Romance on the Ticino ,” ” historical sketch “, ” Giotto ” ” The Annunciation ” and ” Lovers ” . He also left many watercolors , sketches, drawings, studies and etchings of great artistic interest , figured that , in part, in a posthumous exhibition , commissioned in 1923. Among his etchings (he performed nine ) remembers ” Self-portrait” which the author gave the tragic subtitle ” The remuneration reserved by the Society of Authors ” , etching holding valiantly with his best paintings.


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