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Eugenio Gignous

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Eugenio Gignous

( Milano 1850 - Stresa 1906 )


    Eugenio Gignous

    With spirit and meditative observer , though diligently followed the courses of the Academy of Brera , a disciple of Louis Riccardi , turned his sympathies toward the new technique of Tranquillo Cremona and Daniele Ranzoni , and his paintings at first resented the influence cremoniano : cf. ” Courtyard rustic Colombera ” , exhibited at the Brera Academy in 1870 and “The Flowers of the cloister ” , also exhibited at the Brera in 1877. But as it was maturing his art , he managed to get rid of these derivations and found the staff in the landscape and its brilliant pictorial manner , fresh and sincere , as elected in shape and color , the result of determination to represent as closely as the ‘ seen and heard .

    With lovely scene spring and autumn campaigns and lake , was able , in spite of the monotony of the subjects, win the admiration of the Italian and foreign visitors of the exhibitions in which he obtained consistently awards . He also participated in the Milan Exhibition , to those of the Promoter of Genoa from 1871 onwards, the Quadrennial in Turin, at the Venice International in 1897 , the Naples National Exhibition of 1877 and in Paris, Monaco , Munich, Brussels , London , Rio de Janeiro , Buenos Aires. His works are in major public galleries and private collections . The main ones are : ” On the Mottarone ” ” fishing village ” , ” Pisces ” and other eight paintings , the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan , ” A Gignese ” , in that of Rome, two other “Views of Gignese ” very valuable , owned by one of Gustavo Botta and the other of the Comm. Paolo Gerli of Milan, ” portrait ” , ” The bridge of straw ” , “Wood ” , “The River ,” ” Country ,” ” The Jesuits ,” ” In the stable ,” ” Spring ,” ” Monterosa ” ” Quiet ” , ” Last leaves ” ; ” Scalve Valley ,” ” Autumn ,” ” Lago Maggiore ” , owned by Frederick Gussoni ; ” Scoglio di Quarto” in the collection of Senator Ettore Conti ; ” Macugnaga ” , in that the comm . Claudio Pozzi Tridents of Milan ” Landscape with cloudy sky ” in Finazzi collection of Bergamo.


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