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Carlo Fornara

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Carlo Fornara

( Prestinone 1871-1968 )


    Carlo Fornara

    Of humble origins , he studied at the School of Santa Maria Maggiore, in Val Vigezzo , then directed by Enrico Cavalli. At twenty, he exhibited at the Milan Triennale ” Memoirs ” and ” Workshop of coppersmith ,” remarkable essays of his outstanding abilities and its trends . Eager to deepen in the technique , he went to France , and through the study of quell’impressionismo came to pointillism , a technique that was not to give up , in the sense that he does not like fashion, but as a means of expressing his artistic conceptions . At the Milan Triennale of 1897 presented a picture, ” En plein air ” which pleased the Segantini , who wanted the Fornara help him in the execution of the “Great view of the Engadine” for the Paris Exposition of 1900. In 1902 he exhibited at the Turin Quadrennial Fornara ” The parable of life,” triptych , and held a successful solo exhibition in which he presented twelve beautiful designs . In 1905 , in Monaco of Bavaria, ” Winter Sadness ” , currently in the collection of the Comm.

    Claudio Pozzi Tridents of Milan, was rewarded with the gold medal. In 1907 , the exhibition of Italian Divisionists held in Paris , the artist had a large room with Previati and Segantini .

    His ” End of Winter ” (1910 ) was acquired by the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan. In that same year he held solo exhibitions in Holland, Belgium and Bavaria , in 1911 he went to South America , and in 1912 , the Anglo Latin Show in London, he exhibited 42 works well .

    In 1914 , he exhibited at the Venice Biennale 27 works , including the great ” Vesper winter .” In 1917 he brought out his largest painting, ” The conquest of the earth ,” to the parliament buildings of Buenos Aires. The First Biennial in Rome (1921) expounded : “Last pastures ” ; ” Meadow of gold ,” ” Sunrise ,” “The morning of the Alps ,” ” Chiara peace ,” ” Vespers in winter,” said , ” Cimalmotto ” and “Self-portrait ” , now at the comm . Moizzi in Milan. Other works: ” End of autumn in Valmaggia ” ; ” Vocogno ” and “January radiant ” in the Gallery of Modern Art in Venice ; ” The shadow lies ,” ” Evening in the mountains ,” ” Fontanalba ,” ” Snow at the top , “” The Bell Tower ” . And again: ” Morning of April ,” ” Summer Afternoon ” , “October” , ” Garden ” , ” impression ” and ” Winter morning ” . His works are for the most part kept in private collections in Italy and abroad.


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