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Bartolomeo Giuliano

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Bartolomeo Giuliano

( Susa 1825 - Milano 1909 )


    Bartolomeo Giuliano

    He completed his training at the Accademia Albertina in Turin under the lead of Carlo Felice Biscarra and Carlo Arienti . Starting from a form eminently romantic , moved toward a more solid and built , while retaining in his painting a delicate sense of elegiac poetry . One of the first works, which gave him fame , was ” Pandolfo and Lamberto di Polenta ” .

    In 1857 he was called by Enrico Gamba as his deputy in teaching figure drawing at the Academy of Turin. During this period he painted : “Jacopo Foscari in prison ” ; ” Provenzano Salvani ,” ” Fra Dolcino ,” ” Margaret Condotti to the gallows .” In 1861 he moved to Milan and at the invitation of Massimo d’Azeglio was added by Raffaele Casnedi to the chair of the shape design at the Academy of Brera .

    The teaching did not stop him take out big and beautiful paintings like: ” Parisina ” (1861 ), ” The farewell of Hugh Parisina ” ( 1863 ), ” Faust and Marguerite ” (1864 ), ” Step by Federico travaglioso Barbarossa in Susa ” (1869) , exhibited in Milan and then in Turin where he remained in the Museo Civico with ” the forced eviction “and other works sunnominate ,” The rest ” (1870) : ” the Wave ” (1871) ; ” looking for seafood ” (1882), the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan , ” a ray of sunshine “(1883 ) , the Royal Palace of Capodimonte ,” The harvester ” exhibited at the Brera and purchased by the King in 1885 he left the ‘ teaching to devote himself entirely to artistic production , which waited until late in life . In 1894 he exhibited ” Fishermen ” , owned by the sen. Ettore Conti, then : ” Van Dyck painted the portraits of the children of King Charles I of England ” (1895), real property ; ” The Mignon ,” property Grass ; ” Le Villi ,” ” Under the Wave ” and ” to the bathroom , “which figured at the National Exhibition of Milan in 1906. In the lunettes of the Octagon Gallery in Milan and in the lunettes of the arms lower half had completed his ” Frescoes of Asia and Industry ” (1866 – ’67 ), which wasted moisture were replaced by mosaics that perfectly reproduce them .

    Lover of the sea , he drew numerous works in brilliant hues and the most angry . Other works : ” The fall of the leaf ” , ” Gossip in the source ,” “The reformed ” ; ” Bastimento in sight ,” “The Fisherman’s Daughter ,” ” The arrival of the guests .”


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