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Augusto Sezanne

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Augusto Sezanne

( Firenze 1856 - Venezia 1935 )


    Augusto Sezanne

    He studied at home with B. Pollinari but soon went to Paris where he began with Susi formed in Bologna in 1892 and devoted himself to teaching in Venice, carrying out numerous lagoon landscapes . Good decorator and painter of flowers, charming and elegant , she performed in the chapel of the cemetery Stucky Venice a colossal mosaic , ” The journey of life ” , decorated , painted and concocted public and private buildings : among others, the notable ‘ ornamentation of the hall of the City Council of Rovereto , and the Bolognese house called ” Canton of flowers” , which he designed and decorated .

    On the occasion of the inauguration of the new San Marco bell tower , designed a commemorative stamp that met success. He also designed some signs of the International Venice. In the latter event attended art since 1901 : in that year he exhibited ” The Rio honest woman ” in 1903 , a cartoon for that chapel Stucky three etchings : ” The River of the convert ,” ” Small, great silence “and” Mystery of the forest ” in 1905, ” Our Lady of the Sea ” and” old vision ” in 1907 , ” Our Lady of the snow ” in 1909, ” the good word ” , in 1912 , showcasing individual twelve “Visions of the Basilica of gold” , including noted “The hour of the Mass ” in 1914 , three other ” Visions ” in 1920 : ” green Carnation “, ” pink Carnations ” three tempera ” soul rebel , “” Venetian Window “and” vaporetto on the Grand Canal ” in 1922 :” Our Lady of the Lagoon , “” Rose , “” the Grand Canal party ” (tempera ) and four watercolors of Roman subject in 1924 : ” Peonies “, ” Rose “, ” Turkeys “, ” Rest “, ” Darling “, ” dead horse ” in 1926, ” Peonies ” , in 1928 : ” The betrayed ” and ” Pigeons of San Marco ” in 1930 , ” The protection of Saint Mark ” in 1932 , two drawings : ” Meditation” and ” Fido ” .


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