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Antonio Ciseri

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Antonio Ciseri

( Ronco sopra Ascona 1821 - Firenze 1891 )


    Antonio Ciseri

    Only 11 years old was brought to Florence by his father for advice of his uncle Francis Joseph, for education. In that city the way a lot of time exercising Ciseri mastery of painter decorator. Was the first to master certain Bonaiuti , then Beile was enrolled at the Academy of Arts in Florence , where they taught the Welcome and Bezzuoli . He became known for his large-scale compositions of a religious nature , for his portraits and teaching exercised in his famous “School of the nude ” by famous artists who came out .

    It was undoubtedly a personality in the painting , a real and serious innovator. While still a student wrote , “Christ served by Angels after putting to flight the devil ” that has not been a trace. They suffered the same fate as the painting ” Charles V, who picks up the brush to Titian ” , exhibited at the Society of Fine Arts in Florence ; ” Guerlanda presenting his daughter to Buondelmonte ” ” The Abelard and Heloise ,” and of others. In 1842, he performed ” The robes of Joseph presented to Jacob ,” now at his son Francesco . His other works : ” Giano della Bella, who went into exile “, exhibited between praise and blame , because they already stepped aside from academicism , in 1848 , “The Pieta ” , for the church of Magadino on Lake Maggiore ” Jesus in the act to leave the Mother to fulfill its mission , “” the Martyrdom of the Maccabees “, exhibited and awarded in Vienna in 1893 and now located in the first altar on the right in the church of Santa Felicita in Florence , ” Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s ” Farinelli stored at Locarno in the house ; ” San Martino ” , painted for the church of Ronco ; ” Joseph sold to the merchants , “” the Immaculate “,” Our Lady of the Sacred Heart , “” Our Lady of Lourdes , “” the Joseph’s Dream , “” the pardon of Assisi , “” Resurrection , “” the transport of Jesus to the tomb ” in the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso, Locarno ; ” Ecce Homo ” , which could not be accomplished by the death of the artist , and is preserved in the Palazzo Pitti in Florence. Among the many portraits : Two ” portraits” , one of which is in the Uffizi Gallery , ” Portrait of grandfather Antonio ” ; “Uncle Joseph” , the ” father and brother Vincenzo ” of the ” daughter Catherine ” , “family Bianchini ” of” spouses Bargagli ” , the ” count Arrivabene ” of” Vittorio Emanuele “and” Cavour ” .


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